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Tales of the Brewers

Jeff Eddington

Jeff has been working at Mountain Town for 7 years. He took over the head brewer position in 2016.


His favorite beer is the Highlander because when they were designing the recipe, they wanted a bold full bodied Scotch ale with a 5% ABV. He believes they accomplished just that.

"When I was in Kuwait before the Iraq invasion in 2003, my buddy got some yeast mailed over to him. We took a gallon of peach juice from compote peaches and added the yeast to it. A couple of weeks later, we had some pretty terrible tasting peach wit, but it worked! I was hooked on fermenting from then on.

Jeff's hobbies include gardening at his home, backpacking & camping, and cooking & smoking meats.

Head of Brewing Operations

Kirk Kowalski

Kirk has been working for Mountain Town for over five years.

Kirk says, "I don't have a favorite beer, it kind of all depends on a variety of factors on what kind of beer I would choose. Everything from the time of the year, to what you had to eat that day can change your mind about how a beer tastes and whether you want to drink it or not."

"I got into brewing when I first discovered craft beers instead of the mass production brews."

Kirk's hobbies include drinking beer and studying the sciences of brewing.


Douglas Bellinger

Douglas, or Doug, has been working in the brewing industry for 7 years, and has been working at Mountain Town for 6 years.

Doug's favorite beer is the Russian Imperial Stout.

"My brother, who was a brewer here when I turned of age, inspired me. He brought me in and showed me the ropes. It soon became a passion, a few months later, I was on the crew officially."

Doug's hobbies include music, woodworking, and backpacking.


Mike Petersen

Mike has been working for Mountain Town for four years.


Mike's favorite beer is  the River Bend Bock. " It is one of the few lagers we brew. It has a nice smooth malty body with a clean finish. Every time I drink it, I am reminded that spring is here and summer is around the corner."


"I started brewing because I have always liked art and science, and brewing fulfilled both of those for me. Being able to create something and use sight, smell and taste to appreciate and analyze it is really rewarding.

Mike's hobbies include: "If I'm not at school or work, I'm probably doing some sort of outside activity enjoying a beer I most likely haven't had before."


Kyle Behenna

Kyle first started working at Alma brewing company, an affiliate company with Mountain Town, in March of 2016. He then started an internship with Mountain Town in November 2016, and became a full brewer in February of 2017.

Kyle's favorite beer is the Bavarian Dark. "The first beer I brewed on the 15 BBL with Kirk. We all have a soft spot for our first, right?"

"I started to gain interest when I began buying variety packs of Sam Adams. Learning about the various styles peaked my interest even more. Mostly I credit a good friend, Eric Curtiss. He was constantly home brewing, experimenting and sharing great beer. I wanted to do the same."

Kyle has two kids, Zander and Zoe, which most of his hobbies and time revolves around. Lego sets, Batman and Barbie. When he has time Kyle enjoys music, sports, and beer.


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